Canadian Visitor Visa

Canadian Visitor Visa

Canada is a country that offers both vacation and business opportunities. Make a date with this captivating land of lovable and kind-hearted people and Indigenous Canadians, and taste and feel the mystical and fascinating history of this region.

We can assist you with not just dreaming about visiting Canada, but also in making that goal a reality. Our knowledgeable staff ensures that everyone has significant experience to help you apply for a Canadian visitor visa. Our team of experienced visa consultants will handle the full tourist b1 b2 visa process for Canada. The tourist visa is issued to non-immigrants who intend to return to their home country after the visit period has ended, and this is the most important criterion for a successful Canadian tourist visa.

As a traveler.

Canada offers a wide range of tourist attractions. Every year, millions of visitors flock to Canada for its slick feels of geographical beauty. As a traveler, you must have a certain goal in mind when visiting the sites or people you will see. This arrangement will most certainly demand you to show correct documents, financial stability, and strong ties to your native country to justify your successful stay. Your travel itinerary should include your stay in Canada, as well as other essential living expenses.

As a business visitor

Thousands of business opportunities are sprouting in Canada and countless entrepreneurs plan formal visits to the country on a regular basis. Whether you're an investor, looking for a more advanced trading term with Canadian companies, or just looking for a better opportunity, this visa is for you. Attending meetings, symposiums, or professional fairs could be your goal. To visit Canada as a businessperson, you'll need to apply for a temporary residence visa. Again, all you need to worry about is your legal travel paperwork, adequate financial arrangements, and security checks, as well as all of your legitimate visiting purposes.

Other Uses

Either of the spouses who are married or in a civil partnership in Canada or a visitor visa for parents should apply for a tourist visa to enter the country.

Visiting Visa Eligibility

You will require to apply for a Canadian visitor visa online if you plan to visit Canada for a vacation or to see family. The official paperwork that the Canadian consulate officially stamps on your passport. You will receive a stamp indicating that you have met all of the requirements for visitor record application into Canada.

1.You must have a valid passport that is valid for at least six months.

2. You must be in excellent physical condition.

3. You must have a spotless criminal record and no convictions related to immigration.

4. You should be able to demonstrate that you have strong ties to your homeland.

5. You should be able to persuade the immigration officer that you plan to leave Canada when your visa expires.

6. You must show proof that you have enough money to support yourself while you are in the country.

7. You will need a letter of invitation from your relatives if you plan to stay with them.

8. If you are asked to, you may be required to undergo a medical examination and submit the results.

If you are denied a Temporary Resident Visa, there is no formal appeal process but there exists a visitor visa extension procedure. You have the option of submitting another application for the visitor record extension. Make sure to include any missing information or documents from your previous application.

A single-entry visa and a multiple-entry visa are the two types of Canadian tourist visas available. Whether a single-entry or multiple-entry visa, Temporary Resident Visas are valid for a specific amount of time. After a visa's expiration date, you can't utilize it.

Visitor Visa (Multiple-Entry)

A multiple-entry visa allows you to visit Canada more than once during the validity period of your visa. A multiple-entry visa often lasts longer than a single-entry visa or gets a super visa extension.

The number of times you can enter Canada is indicated on your multiple-entry visa. Your visa must be used before it expires. A multiple-entry visa cannot be obtained for a period ending after your passport's expiration date. You should renew your passport before applying for a visa if it is about to expire.

Tourist Visa (Single-Entry)

You can only visit Canada once with a single-entry visa and you can apply for a Canadian tourist visa. When you arrive at a Canadian border crossing, a Canada Border Services Agency officer will check to see if you meet all of the entry requirements. The officer will inform you of the length of time you are permitted to remain in Canada. Under the terms of a single-entry Temporary Resident Visa, you can stay in Canada for up to six months.

Your passport will be stamped with the expiry date or the date by which you must depart Canada. The same expiry date will be stamped on your study or work permit or to apply for a visitor visa.

Fees for a CIC visitor visa in Indian Rupees (Visitor Visads2019 Fee)

1> For a single applicant (single or multiple entries) - 100 Canadian Dollars (Rs 5700 approx.)

2> 500 Canadian Dollars for a Family (5 or more people) (Rs 28500 approx.)

Our Rates For Visitor Visa Application

Our fees vary depending on which Canadian immigration programs you qualify for, the immigration services your case necessitates, and the number of persons on your immigration application for your IRCC visitor visa.

Completing our visitor visa online application is the quickest method to learn more about the requirements for your specific case and your Canadian immigration possibilities.