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About us- North Travelling Immigration

Canada is a beautiful country with an extensive coastline, excellent food, and distinctive culture. It is criticised for being overly cordial and friendly. With us, revitalise your aspirations and future. Travelling One of the top immigration consultancies in Canada is North Immigration. Our consumers receive an honest native immigration service from us. Our expert teams will direct you in obtaining all services under one roof. We were recognised as one of the Top 10 Best Consultants in India by “Silicon India” for our superior work providing immigration services to Canada.

Our group of knowledgeable immigration advisors offers experience in a range of services, including Express Entry, Spousal sponsorship, Temporary Visa, Super Visa, Study Visa, Work Permit, LMIA, PNP, Canadian Citizenship, and more. We provide services to clients in Mississauga, Ontario, as well as Brampton, Toronto, Hamilton, Whitby, London, Vaughan, North York, Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Guelph, Kitchener, Markham, Cambridge, Milton, Ottawa, Barrie, Waterloo, Peterborough, Niagara Falls, and everywhere else in the GTA.

Our expertise is in offering appropriate direction and step-by-step execution so that the client understands the visa procedure thoroughly. Travelling North Immigration specialises in international migration to benefit the worldwide community and offers consultancy services, among other immigration-related services. By providing qualified guidance and support with immigration to anyone looking to relocate, work, or study abroad, we have carved out a niche for ourselves in the industry.

We are the most reputable Canada migration agent because we increase the likelihood that our customers’ visa applications will be approved by ensuring that they meet all of the criteria outlined in Canadian rules. Please don’t pass up the chance to go to and establish yourself in one of the most renowned nations in the world by using our expertly positive immigration service for Canada at a reasonable cost. By actively listening to our client’s demands, providing information on the function and significance of their profiles, and letting them know whether there are any excellent work possibilities available in the nation, we are delighted to support them.

Services for Canadian Citizenship

After being granted permanent residency status in Canada, obtaining Canadian citizenship and receiving the prestigious benefits of a blue passport is the next important step for immigrants.

Citizenship in Canada is a status that clarifies its holder’s rights and benefits and gives them unrestricted participation in the political process.

Citizenship in Canada is a status that clarifies its holder’s rights and benefits and gives them unrestricted participation in the political process. Most immigrants to Canada view the citizenship process favourably and smoothly, viewing it as merely another form-filling exercise. As a result, they feel free to manipulate the information they provide when submitting their application.

Program for Express Entry

Step-by-Step Express Entry for Federal Skilled Worker Procedures

Do you intend to relocate to Canada? Are you uncertain of the best way to enter Canada? You can simplify matters by reading the information about CIC Canada express entry provided below, which can assist in dispelling any misconceptions you may have about immigration.

The Canadian Immigration System has entered a new phase due to Canada Express Entry. The new system is distinctive and has significantly changed how the Canadian government selects skilled immigrants for entry into the nation.

Work in Canada

To shorten the wait for their Canadian Permanent Residency visa, North Travelling Immigration assists applicants in locating employment. A genuine employment offer from a recognised Canadian firm is required.

For many qualified foreign workers from around the world, working in Canada is a desirable alternative. Nearly 200,000 foreign skilled workers enter Canada annually with temporary Canadian work permits. There’s no reason why this can’t apply to you as well!

PNPs (Provincial Nominee Program)

The PNPs (Provincial Nominee Program) are immigration programmes that enable several provinces in Canada to choose suitable immigrants for their labour market and economies. The candidate may apply for the relevant PNP programmes if they intend to come to and reside in a particular province of Canada.

Each province has a unique set of standards since each area chooses provinces according to its own needs, criteria, and parameters. The Quebec Province does not participate in PNP programmes because it has its immigration selection process and requirements. As part of their agreement with IRCC (Immigration Citizenship Refugee Canada), each province can select the permanent residents who live in their territory.