Canadian Study Permit

Canadian Study Permit

Canada is a popular study destination for Indian students because it has some of the world's best universities and colleges. Every year, tens of thousands of international students from all over the world flock to Canada for study, work, and immigration opportunities. In 2019, Canada had a total of 642,480 international students. The country is also noted for its rich culture and beautiful scenery, and USNEWS has named it first in the world for Quality of Life. It also ranks second in overall rankings, which take into account criteria such as adventure, citizenship, cultural influence, and business, among other things.

This page will take you step by step through the simplified details and study permit application procedures for a study permit in Canada..

What is a Study Permit in Canada?

Over 130,000 students travel to Canada each year to study. They will need to secure a study permit from the Canadian government in order to do so. This permit, which is a sort of Temporary Resident Visa (TRV), allows students to study in Canada for a limited time and usually includes information on the educational institution and course of study. To be considered, an applicant must meet a set of criteria and one can further apply for a study permit extension.

New Rules for International Students in Canada and Study Permit Requirements

You must meet the following work permit for international students requirements to be eligible for a permit to study:

  1. Assure an officer that when your studies are through, you will depart Canada.

  2. Have an admission letter from a college or university

  3. Show that you have enough money to cover tuition and living expenses for yourself and any accompanying family members for the duration of your stay in Canada

  4. You must follow the law and have no criminal history.

  5. Be a non-threat to Canada's national security

  6. Take care of yourself (complete a medical examination, if required)

Note: If the officer requests more documentation to prove your admissibility, you may be required to provide them even for the Canadian Student Visa Extension.

Study Visa Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply for a study permit in Canada, international students must meet the following requirements:

Acceptance letter: If an international student wishes to apply for a Canadian Study Permit, they must get an acceptance letter from the Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

Proof of Financial Support: The student must demonstrate to the government that they have the funds to cover their annual tuition costs as well as their living expenses. Furthermore, the student must have sufficient cash to meet their basic necessities, such as accommodation, food, and transport

Working while studying in Canada is an option.

If you want to work part-time to help support yourself while studying in Canada, you can now work on or off-campus for up to 20 study permit working hours duringuniversity/college semesters and full-time during breaks like the winter or summer holidays without needing a work visa.

After graduating, you can begin working

After you graduate, you may be entitled to apply for an IRCC co-op work permit, which can be granted for the duration of the program, up to three years.

Steps to Obtain Study Permit Application in Canada

f you want to study in Canada, complete these steps:

1) College Application
The first step is to identify a suitable school or program and apply for admission. We can assist you in preparing an application for your preferred school and program.

2) Quebec CAQ application
If you plan to study in Quebec, we will complete a CAQ application on your behalf after we get a letter of acceptance from your institution. Only Quebec residents need to submit a CAQ application.

3) Study Permit Application in Canada
We can then apply for a study permit application after getting an admission letter from the school as well as a CAQ (if applicable). Once you arrive in Canada as an international student, you must show this study permission at the port of entry. Forms like imm 5709 and imm 1294especially imm 1294e are to be filled.

We provide a comprehensive service to help you locate the right school and program for you. After that, we can assist you with the preparation and submission of all government Canadian student permit applications. We can also assist you in applying for permanent residency once you finish your education and evenUBCstudy permit extension.

Obtaining assistance with a CIC study permit application in Canada

We engage with professional, licensed Canadian immigration consultants. Our experts will get to know you and your family, if relevant, and provide the kind of experienced one-on-one guidance that many newcomers to Canada have found extremely useful. The cost of the consultation will be removed from the balance of expenses if you want to retain the services of a consultant all the way to achieving your new status in Canada and apply for a Canadian study permit.